April 20th, 2013

Commentary: Finally! The Best Four Years Of My Life Are Over

By A Senior

Wow! It seems like just yesterday that I was a nervous freshman at orientation. And today I'm a graduating senior who has nothing but final exams in the way of freedom. It has taken 9 fun-filled quarters and 2 alright-I-guess semesters, but the single best four year section of my entire life is finally over. Thank goodness! For a while there I thought it might never end. 

Four wonderful years of walking through the oval, whether it was blanketed in a quiet snow or blooming with life-filled trees that housed the singing birds, are finally coming to a close. Sure I've had a great time here, but I've had enough. For example, I'm finally done supporting our football team from the student section, which was exhausting. Watching it succeed, have that success stripped away, fall for one year, and then get back up to the highest level of greatness -- I'm done with it now. It was fun, but come on! Enough is enough. And that's just one example of things I'll no longer have to deal with. 

No more having to live with or near my friends. No more being able to schedule a day the way I want. No more spring or summer break! No more everything I have come to love. I'm finally done! The real world is waiting for me, and it is so big that it won't even know that I joined it! I can't wait. But, I'm going to have to because I can't find a job so I'm staying in the same apartment for a little while longer.