Saying it was "about time" the Shoe had a bigger scoreboard, Ohio State's Gene Smith announced Tuesday that Ohio Stadium would be outfitted with a new 5,000 foot high definition screen prior to the 2013 season. "Of course, that's measured diagonally," admitted the athletic director at an afternoon press conference held to address the addition.

According to Smith, the planned scoreboard expansion will address several Shoe needs. "For one, it will serve as lights for night games, 'cause we can just turn all the white LEDs on and the whole field will be lit up!" exclaimed the person charged with running OSU's athletic department with similarly lit up eyes.

Smith was especially excited about the absurd size of the record breaking screen. "It's gonna be so big!" shouted the grown man to confused journalists. "We'll now be able to put a camera on every player so the fans can watch the WHOLE game, not just the part that's on the field." Added Smith, "I know you'll all be watching the Cardale Cam." After the press conference, sources indicated that they would indeed want to watch the Cardale Cam.